Leaked: Is this the cover of Fifa 09?

FIFA 09 ps3 cover?

We have just been sent this boxart by a number of users, they all claim that this is the offical box art for the United Kingdom version of Fifa 09. This is far from confirmed, and we have contacted EA for their take on this, but have yet to receive anything back. We are pretty skeptical on this as it could easily have been done by a photoshopper.

Stau tuned for more Details!


5 Responses to “Leaked: Is this the cover of Fifa 09?”

  1. Looks Photshopped

  2. Zegthet Says:


  3. Chelsea kit is last seasons so got to be fake

  4. Dazza56 Says:

    Hopefully ronaldo is on it as he should be

  5. Ratchet-Man Says:

    Ronaldo will be on the PES box. Roo and Ron on this

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