Trophy Support List!

As everybody plays away on Super Stardust HD to get every last Trophy, it leaves us thinking what other games will be getting Trophy Support. So we decided to create a list of all the games Confirmed to be getting Trophy Support, Rumoured to be or that as been Confirmed not to be. To do this we will be contacting all the developers and using insider information and facts to determine a final list. List after the Break.

Already have Trophies:

Super Stardust HD

Confirmed to be getting Trophies:

Burnout Paradise


When: The “Davis” Update coming in Late August




When: With “Amusement Park” Expansion pack coming in August




When: Coming with V1.5 Patch in August



PixelJunk Eden

PixelJunk Monsters



Resistance 2


Resistance 2

Rumoured to be getting Trophies:

Not Getting Trophies:

Race Driver Grid

Call of Duty 4

If any of you know any other games that are not on the list, then put them in a comment below or send them in to us at: and you will of course get a mention!


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